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“We are getting thing on the move!”

We are a team with initiative, which is based on a very god organizational structure. Our principal activity is organization of events and we work with various parteners to carry out larger projects. We promote competitive spirit to improve us and transform all projects in real success. In conclusion, we are a team wich organize and help at organization events. We address equally companies and businessmen from Iasi, but also from other cities, which launches events, our team returning the mission to bring out their proper organization. Our team represents a new approach in organizing business events, approach expressed by attitude, mentality, respected target and high speed in achieving tasks.

 Services we offer: 

* We choose and we get the best location for the conference; 

* We promote for free the events of our partners (if the promotion is mutual);

* We promote paid the events of our partners and our target through article and picture on our blog;

* We deal with production and distribution of promotional materials (classical/electronic);

* We identify the target audience and we launch invitations for it;

* We centralize the confirmations to the event;

* We deal with receiving guests / public;

* We connect with media (press, online media, radio, television);

* We provide photo / video services;

* We provide physical support to the preparation / planning of the event location;

* We make selling tickets and deal with them;

* We effectively deal of what means the organization in events.


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